Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Celestine Prophecy

A work buddy ("WB") of mine suggested that I read this book. Something about how I could use the "positive energy", WB knows that I'm constantly in a state of organized chaos and crisis intervention, thanks mostly to our wonderful jobs. OK, so I picked it up at the local library the other day, and have started reading it, in between the never-ending interruptions (is that a negative comment?). Should I ask for opinions on this book prior to finishing it? Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, I can't help but wonder where I've heard of this book before. All I can say is that, judging from the first couple of chapters, it's covering topics that I've often wondered about over the years. Is it a coincidence that I was drawn to this book? (Insert "Twilight Zone" theme here)...

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